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Triumph Seeks Customer Input on Electric Vehicles

It seems premium brands are taking the lead in the electric motorcycling revolution

Triumph Motorcycles has been sending surveys to customers, asking their opinions about various types of electric vehicle, as well as floating the idea that the British manufacturer might produce one.

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I am, of course, one of those Triumph customers, the email having hit my inbox Wednesday afternoon. The survey took about five minutes, asking questions related to electric motorcycles, electric scooters, and electric bicycles. You may remember that Harley-Davidson is promising to deliver all three of those in the not too distant future. And certainly it could be said that Triumph has sought in recent years to steal pages from the MoCo’s playbook – reducing the different types of model it produces and hoping to get people to pay stupid money for blinged-out bikes.

2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Ducati has already delivered an electric mountain bike and there are strong rumors that an electric motorcycle is also on the way from the Italian brand. So, contrary to what we would have guessed, it is not the Japanese that are necessarily leading the way in electric bikes but premium brands.

Certainly branding is something that is on Triumph’s mind in asking all these questions. Part of the survey involved sharing your opinion as to what sort of brand one would expect to see an electric motorcycle/scooter/bicycle coming from. The list included a number of non-moto companies, such as Google and Dyson. I work in a marketing department* but I’m not entirely sure what information Triumph was hoping to glean from that particular line of questioning.

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Notably, the most extensive questioning was focused on the topic of electric motorcycles. Had I ridden one? (Yes) How did I rate the experience from 1 to 10? (9) Did I own one? (No) What factors prevented me from buying one? (Price and aesthetics) Would I be interested in an electric motorcycle from Triumph? (Yes, assuming it looks as good as the Harley-Davidson LiveWire but costs less and goes further on a charge)

So, how likely is it that Triumph will actually produce an electric motorcycle? That’s kind of hard to say. If the survey was only sent to British customers I suspect the response hasn’t been terribly positive. Brits have a bad habit of being frustratingly old-mannish about certain things, like motorbikes and international cooperation.

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I feel that Triumph could do a good job in delivering an electric motorcycle. Certainly the company understands handling. Perhaps if it worked with established company to deliver a solid powertrain it would have a bike really worth owning and loving. Keep an eye out, I guess, for Triumph to copyright the phrase ‘Speed Electric.’

*I’m just a lowly copywriter, though; strategy is above my pay grade. I just make pretty words.