Zero Teases ‘Entirely New’ Model

Company says new model will serve as foundation of a new electric motorcycle platform

Zero Motorcycles has announced plans to unveil an “entirely new platform” next month, teasing electric moto fans with little more than a dark photo and the forthcoming model’s name: the Zero SR/F.

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“The ground up development of the all new Zero SR/F represents the largest leap forward for the brand in its history,” claims a media release that hit TMO’s inbox Thursday.

“Zero SR/F combines cutting-edge technology with the most powerful drivetrain Zero has ever produced,” the release continues. “The result is the most integrated, premium, and high-performance electric motorcycle the company has ever created.”

If you’re like me, you got excited when you first saw the model’s name, hoping the “F” stands for “fairing.” Many supporters of electric bikes would like to see an e-moto with a little more weather protection, making it a more viable option for year-round commuting in places that aren’t Southern California.

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Sadly, a faired bike does not appear to be in the cards this time round. The press releases crushes all hope by referring to the SR/F as “an effortlessly powerful experience in the naked street bike category.” Boo.

The teaser image seems to suggest a future-modern naked and technowhizzbangery galore.

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to seeing it. I’m lucky enough to have ridden the Zero SR and DSR, and thoroughly enjoyed both experiences. Electric bikes are a whole hell of a lot of fun and I’ve often felt that Zero’s primary drawback – behind the issues of range and price that affect all electric bikes – has been aesthetics.

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A tiny glimpse of the bike offered in Thursday’s teaser announcement suggests the California-based company has put some effort into rectifying that issue. One assumes the new Zero SR/F will also have better range than any bike that’s come before it.

The Zero SR/F will be officially unveiled on 25 February.