Triumph Reveals New Rocket III… sort of

Giganto-humongous cruiser had been dropped from Triumph's lineup

Triumph Motorcycles on Wednesday confirmed that an all-new Rocket III uber-cruiser is on the way – sort of – burying the news in a muddled media release about the company’s new Triumph Factory Custom (TFC) initiative.

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Triumph, it seems, is hoping to pull off Harley-Davidson‘s CVO trick of taking a standard model and charging 55 percent more by hitting it mightily with a bling hammer. I have to admit to being cynical about this idea. Other companies have tried again and again to replicate the borderline religious fervour with which Harley fans view their bikes; so far no one’s managed it.

Nonetheless, Triumph is trying – its first effort being a blinged-to-f**k Thruxton. Perhaps because the company recognized that no one would actually care about a Thruxton R that costs more than a Thruxton R (Well, one assumes it will cost more; prices have not yet been announced), it mentioned that the another bike on the TFC roster is an all-new Rocket III.

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The gargantuan Rocket III had been dropped from Triumph’s line-up amid the company’s quiet culling of its heavyweight cruiser line-up last year. But now it seems the cock-swinging beast is back, looking rather Diavel-esque thanks to its stylishly cut rear end and single-sided swingarm. MCN are claiming the bike’s inline triple engine will have a 2500cc capacity and deliver in excess of 180 horsepower. I have no idea where they’re getting this information; it’s not in Triumph’s media materials.

Triumph Factory Custom versions of the Rocket III and Thruxton R

Indeed, very little info about the bike is presently available in Triumph’s media materials. There is just one photo, with the Rocket III placed in the background of a picture intended to showcase the new Thruxton TFC.

“Triumph’s legendary Rocket III, launched in 2004, was renowned as a pure original, taking the world by storm with more muscle, presence and power than any of the competition,” states the media release in question. “Now, 15 years on, an ultra-rare, ultra-premium Triumph Factory Custom Rocket is planned. With an incredible array of custom details, premium finishes and beautiful practical touches, including an interchangeable dual or single seat, the new Rocket TFC goes straight to the top of every motorcyclist’s wish list.”

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Triumph won’t be fully unveiling the Rocket TFC until 1 May, thereby serving as the perfect capitalist counter to International Workers Day. Triumph doesn’t say whether it will be making a standard Rocket III. You’d assume it would, but, honestly, I find Triumph a little difficult to read these days.