Motto Guzzi Tarts Up V9 Bobber to Create V9 Bobber Sport

When is a bobber not a bobber? When it's the V9 Bobber Sport/

How little can you change a product and still call it something else? That seems to be the task Moto Guzzi set itself in unveiling the V9 Bobber Sport earlier this week.

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Looking just as unlike an actual bobber as the V9 Bobber introduced at EICMA back in 2015, the new V9 Bobber Sport features a lower seat, Ohlins shocks, different paint, and a teency tiny screen. That’s it. So, it’s still a Bobber, but, you know, not a bobber.

The shocks may be the most relevant addition here because initial reviews of the V9 Bobber raised questions about its handling ability. Personally, I’ve never ridden one, so I can’t say one way or another whether such an addition is necessary for people who aren’t moto-journalists hellbent on turning every two-wheeled thing sideways.


The bike is still powered by Moto Guzzi’s relatively new 850cc V-twin engine, which puts out 55 hp – roughly the same amount of oomph as can be had from a Triumph Street Cup.

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The bike won’t be released until later this year, which is when pricing is set to be announced.


Moto Guzzi remains an enigmatic brand for yours truly. In recent years, it’s seemed parent company Piaggio has been unwilling to invest in the brand – to the point that I half wondered if it wasn’t quietly letting the brand die out. But that’s clearly not the case, as it plans to fully reveal the V85 adventure bike later this year – most likely at EICMA in early November, but possibly at Intermot (which takes place in two weeks).

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Here’s hoping the brand is able to get its groove back soon.