Does Triumph Deal on Street Models Signal Change in Lineup?

Manufacturer offering 0-percent finance on Street Twin, Street Cup, and Street Scrambler.

Since I recently mentioned Yamaha’s 0-percent financing deal I suppose it’s only fair to point out that Triumph has offered similarly appealing terms on a few of its models.

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Once again, the deal only applies to those of us living in the United Kingdom. But the range of bikes isn’t quite as broad as Yamaha’s offer. Until 31 October, 2018, only the Street Twin, Street Cup, and Street Scrambler are all available interest-free…

…assuming you put up a deposit ranging from £1,860 to £2,196.

Street Cup, Street Twin, and Street Scrambler

All three bikes are powered by the same charmingly tractable 900cc parallel twin engine also found in the Bonneville T100. Power figures dwelling in the 54hp range tend to induce a severe furrowing of the brow for many riders but in the bikes’ defense I have ridden them in all kinds of situations – including motorway – and never found myself desperate for more power. What ponies the Street bikes have are used well, with peak torque (80 Nm) coming in at just 3230 rpm.

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If it were my money, I’d be opting for the Street Twin – the least expensive of the three and the most adaptable. With a starting price of £7,800, it costs £1,200 less than the Street Scrambler. You can use that money to instead customize the Street Twin at your leisure. The world’s your oyster when it comes to Givi stuff and the like.

2018 Triumph Street Scrambler – arguably not worth £1,200 more than the Street Twin

Meanwhile, this move by Triumph piques my interest. It has often been the case that when Triumph has made offers like this in the past it’s preceded a change in the model lineup. Those of us with 2017 Triumph Tiger Explorers will remember the too-good-to-resist deals that popped up just a few months before the new Tiger 1200s were revealed.

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Could this be heralding a change in the Street lineup? The Street Twin was first unveiled three years ago, with the first models hitting dealerships in early 2016. Perhaps a tweak for the 2019 model year would make sense. But if so, what would change?

For “entry level” bikes (well, as entry level as Triumph’s going to get), they’re still pretty feature-packed. Compared against bikes of similar theme such as the Yamaha XSR700, Harley-Davidson Street Rod, or Suzuki SV650X, the Street Twin easily takes the Bells and Whistles prize. Though, it does come bottom of the power stakes. Maybe Triumph will choose to get a little more go from its liquid-cooled powerplant. What’s your take?