Now Might Be a Good Time to Buy a Yamaha Tracer 900 GT

Adventure sport tourer among several models being offered at 0 percent finance in United Kingdom

UK readers considering a Yamaha Tracer 900 GT may want to go ahead and bite the bullet, as the bike is currently being offered at 0-percent finance.

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Yamaha recently decided to make several of its more popular models available on interest-free finance through its Yamaha Motor Finance wing (which, is, in fact, a wing of Black Horse – the company that seems to be behind financing for most manufacturers, including Triumph and Suzuki). Those models being: YZF-R3, YS125, NMAX, D’elight (Yup, first time I’ve ever heard of that scooter, as well), MT-125, MT-07, MT-09, XSR700, XSR900, Tracer 700, Tracer 900, and, of course, the Tracer 900 GT.


I’ve previously expressed my concerns about the Tracer 900 GT’s overall fit and finish – as well as its notoriously useless screen – but there’s no arguing that it’s built on an enjoyable platform and driven by a fun, workhorse engine.

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A few TMO readers have recently expressed their interest in the bike, in light of an article I wrote that featured the higher-quality Triumph Tiger 800 XRT. So, I thought I’d draw attention to the deal for those who happen to be living in Her Majesty’s United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Which triple is better? I’m inclined to choose the British brand, but the price is notably higher. Also, there are a few rumblings on owners forums about the reliability of the new Tiger 800’s TFT screen and accompanying electronics package.

Priced at £10,649 with luggage as standard (against the £12,050 Triumph Tiger 800 XRT, which requires that you pay extra for luggage), the Tracer 900 GT also comes equipped with ABS, traction control, riding modes, slipper clutch, quick shifter, TFT screen, cruise control, heated grips, and center stand. Damn… actually, that is a really good deal.

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If you were thinking of taking the plunge, now might be the right time. Keep in mind the dangers inherent to locking yourself into finance deals, of course – even those that are interest free. Oh, and there’s the fact you’ll be expected to pony up a decent down payment – in excess of £2,500 in this case. If you’ve got that to hand, however, you have until 30 September before the promotion ends.