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2019 Ducati SuperSport to be available in matte Titanium Grey color scheme

There is nothing new about the 2019 Ducati SuperSport; it’s still the same machine that was unveiled back at EICMA 2016. But now it’s available in “matte Titanium Grey.” Which, I have to admit, makes the bike look so good I bothered to publish an article on it.


The new color scheme will be available starting from July at Ducati dealerships. The price of the SuperSport range remains unchanged.

DU 2018-05-04 MY19 SUPERSPORT

Powered by a 937cc twin-cylinder Testastretta 11-degree engine, the SuperSport claims 110 horsepower and is equipped with multiple riding modes, ABS, and traction control as standard. Throw down the extra cash for the S version and you get Öhlins suspension, up/down quickshifter, a rear seat cover, and the option to have it in something other than Titanium Grey. The SuperSport S will continue to be available in Ducati Red as well as Star White Silk.

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I was pretty excited about the SuperSport when it first launched. I’ve told before the story of being at EICMA and finding myself standing face to face with Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali as he presented the model to the world’s press. He sold it as a tractable sportbike-styled road machine capable of light touring. He looked me in the eyes as he said this and I got really excited because, you know, a useable Ducati is my kinda thing.

Then I rode it, and… well… My one-sentence review of it at the time was: “Small, disappointing bike is small and disappointing.”

DU 2018-05-04 MY19 SUPERSPORT

That was actually unfair. The SuperSport’s engine is a lot of fun but struck me as more appropriate for something upright – an adventure sport, perhaps. Seems someone at Ducati had the same thought because the SuperSport more or less shares the same powerplant as the utterly wonderful Multistrada 950. Same engine configuration, same displacement, same bore and stroke, same compression, just a slightly different tune.

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The problem, I realized, was in the ergonomics. The SuperSport is straight “no likey” territory for a guy who’s 6 feet 1 inch tall. It feels cramped, but the only right way I could find to ride it involved lying with my belly on the tank – as crouched as I could get. Not awful when riding track, but hardly a position I’d want to stay in for any sort of distance.

In other words, my primary issue with the SuperSport is that it’s not the perfect-for-me sport tourer I was hoping it would be. Shame, because the engine is a lot of fun – and in this new color scheme it looks pretty cool. Thank goodness the Multistrada 950 exists.