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French Bloke Gets Pervy for Indian in Latest ‘Heroes of the FTR’ Vid

Third video promoting seemingly production-bound FTR1200 released

“If I had to give a name to this bike… The Mistress. Because your wife’s gonna be jealous.”

Oh Dimitri Coste, you are so French.

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But also not wrong; the FTR1200 is a very sexy machine. Parisian photographer and amateur flat-tracker Coste stars in the latest episode of Indian’s “Heroes of the FTR” series on YouTube, which seems to be aimed at generating even more hype for the flat-track-inspired Scout. That Indian would put so much effort into promoting the custom moto has helped bring speculation on a production model to fever pitch.

Previous episodes have featured Brad Baker racing the bike on ice, and Carey Hart tearing around on dirt trails. This third episode sees Coste riding the FTR1200 in its spiritual natural environment: a flat track oval. What I think is worth noting, however, is that Coste is, you know, not American.

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Taking it as a given that a production version of the FTR1200 will be coming our way at some point in the not-too-distant future, it’s a good bet the European market will be a primary target for it. The Scout has performed unexpectedly well for Indian in Europe (indeed, it’s my belief that the Scout’s European success served as catalyst for Indian’s switching from Kenda to Pirelli as the Scout’s stock tire last year – the latter providing better performance), and naked bikes make up a larger percentage of the European market than in the United States.

Readers with particularly good memories may remember Coste from a story TMO published back in February. He was identified by Indian’s European wing as someone to look to when seeking inspiration to build a “Scout tracker” of your own. Coste has apparently built himself a bike that can be easily switched from flat-track racer to on-road machine with a relatively minimal amount of work.

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 10.51.50

“My bike started as a stock Indian Scout and I fitted a Roland Sands Super Hooligan kit that’s made especially for it,” he said. “All that remains from the original bike now is just the frame, the engine and gas tank. The rest is all from RSD. It’s a plug and fit job, so it only took me about two days of work.”

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Meanwhile, in this third video Coste seems to be carrying forward a few themes present in the other two, namely that the bike is insanely fun but also practical.

“It is very close to the universal motorcycle,” Coste says. “I’ll make the room for it in my life. No question about that.”

Side note: extra points to Indian for working in a few shots of its rather expensive Clifton Club Indian Legend Tribute watches. And how French is Coste for wearing a $4,000 watch and white trousers on a flat track oval?

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 10.54.22
Note the watch on Coste’s right wrist. It costs about $3,985 more than my watch – which I would take off when riding flat track.