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Indian Further Builds FTR1200 Hype Through ‘Sultans of Sprint’ Racing

Exciting Scout custom to race in newly created Factory Class this summer

Indian Motorcycle has stepped up its campaign to toy with our emotions via the Scout FTR1200 Custom, entering the bike in Europe’s Sultans of Sprint racing series.

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The FTR1200 Custom was unveiled at EICMA back in November, ostensibly to celebrate Indian’s return to flat track but really just to toy with the emotions of every one of us who has pined for a standard/naked Scout. At the time, I referred to it as a “colossal cock tease” and Indian has spent the last six months continuing to titillate fans with the possibility of its being made into a production machine.


Indian has even gone so far as to create the #FTRFriday hashtag on Instagram, to be able to break our hearts on a weekly basis. Apparently not happy enough with the more than 30,000 social media comments pleading with the brand to make the flat-track inspired Scout a production reality, it is now flaunting the machine in Europeans’ faces, asking at every turn: “Should Indian build this bike?”


Uhm. At least, that’s how I feel. Folks in Italy, Belgium, Germany, and France will get a chance to repeat the sentiment in their own languages this summer as the Sultans of Sprint series rolls through their respective towns. The series has a number of categories of sprint racing, with the Scout FTR1200 Custom being entered in the newly created Factory Class.


In this Factory Class, motorcycles must be four-stroke (air or water cooled) and there is no limit regarding engine capacity, providing that the tuned bike does not exceed a specific power-to-weight ratio. Bikes in the Factory Class can either be customized by private workshops or entered by a manufacturer as an “in house” custom built racer.

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“We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to this bike, so to finally be able to let people see and hear it race in the Sultans of Sprint really excites everyone working at Indian,” said Grant Bester, vice president and general manager of Indian EMEA. “We’ll be racing it in four key countries… and we cannot wait to see people’s reactions.”

The races will take place on the following days:
– 19-20 May: The Reunion, Monza, Italy
– 30 June – 1 July: Bikers Classic, Spa, Belgium
– 30 August – 2 September: Glemseck, Germany
– 22-24 September: Dandy Rider’s Festival, France

Indian also plans to have the bike on static display in the United Kingdom at The Bike Shed later this month, and during Wheels and Waves in France.

Indian Scout FTR1200 Custom