Latest Yamaha Niken Video Shows Off Three-Wheeler’s Features

Cruise control and riding modes to be available standard on unique three-wheeler

Yamaha this week released another video showing off its forthcoming Niken three-wheeled vehicle. There’s not really any new information to be drawn from the video, which focuses on the unique moto’s standard features, but it’s still cool to see the thing in action.

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The video was released as part of the run-up to 17 May, when Yamaha will be opening a reservation system for the unique vehicle. Powered by the same 847cc triple that drives the MT-09 and Tracer 900, the Niken is a leaning three-wheeler that Yamaha says “has the ability to deliver high levels of control and confidence, together with an unrivaled corner carving experience.”

Ride-by-wire means the Niken will feature a range of electronic rider aids, including assist and slipper clutch, quickshifter, and a traction control system featuring two intervention modes as well as an off switch.

As with other bikes from the MT-09 platform, the Niken will feature three riding modes. You also get cruise control, LCD instrumentation, and dual LED headlights.

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Again, nothing here we didn’t already know about, but it’s whet my appetite. Meanwhile, although Yamaha will be taking reservations for the so-called LMW (leaning multi-wheel) next month, it has not yet said when we’ll be able to see the thing in dealerships.

I’m pretty sure it will garner a hell of a lot of interest. Personally, I’m really eager to get a chance to ride it. In an always-wet environment like the United Kingdom, a three-wheeler might make some sense – especially if the sensation of riding it is no different than riding a two-wheeled motorcycle.

What are your thoughts?