Zero Rider Manages 1,100 km in 24 Hours

Journey roughly equivalent of riding from New York to Indianapolis, or London to Liechtenstein

A German electric motorcycle rider has managed to clock up more than 1,100 km in 24 hours using an unmodified Zero.

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Berlin-based Remo Klawitter was able to ride some 1,113.4 km (691.8 miles) using his 2018 Zero DSR ZF14.4 – the bike being equipped with the accessory Charge Tank, which dramatically reduces charge times. According to Zero, Klawitter managed to set a record in the process.

Klawitter had 9.5 hours of downtime on his journey, but the only picture he appears to have taken is this one.

Klawitter’s route took him from Berlin to, appropriately, the Land Center for Renewable Energies in Neustrelitz. He rode in stints of roughly 93 miles, keeping his speed to a battery-conserving 55-60 mph, before stopping to charge the bike up for an hour. The Charge Tank allows riders to use the Level Two charging points that are increasingly common across Europe.

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“I have been thinking about a 24-hour ride since the middle of 2017,” said Klawitter. “Primarily I wanted to have fun, while drawing people’s attention to the practicality of electric motorcycles. Everything we have used is readily available from Zero and the route was on public roads.”

Klawitter said that some 9.5 hours of his adventure were spent charging the bike – time he also used to eat and relax.

Side Tank
With stock Pirelli MT-60 tires the Zero DSR looks pretty good.

“The technology worked great and in total the cost of the electricity used was just €28.50 [about £25, or US $35.04],” he said.

Zero’s European wing has been eager to promote the idea of using electric motorcycles for longer journeys. Last month it introduced the Zero DSR Black Forest Edition – a standard DSR that’s been bedazzled with panniers and a top box, a touring screen, a comfort touring seat, crash protection bars, hand guards, a headlight protector, and LED auxiliary lights.

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In the United Kingdom, the package will set you back £18,785. However, you’ll have to pay extra for the Charge Tank that helped make Klawitter’s journey possible.

Zero DSR Black Forest Edition