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Where are the Americans?

Just a quick addendum to my previous post. One thing I noticed in the Honda video featuring world explorers was a lack of American accents. And that got me thinking: Off the top of my head, I can think of no world-travelling American motorcyclists.
I can’t remember ever reading about even one. I’ve read about riders from Canada, France, Germany, Israel, New Zealand and Ireland. I’ve read about loads of Aussies and loads more Brits. But I’m not aware of the story of one American who has travelled the globe on two wheels.
I realise there are plenty of Iron Butted Americans who have criss-crossed the United States and perhaps even sojourned in Canada or Mexico. I take great pride in counting as friends two people who effectively live on the American highways and byways. But why has my country produced no world travellers? 
Have I just missed hearing about them, or is there something about Americans that keeps them from straying too far from home? 
Full disclosure: I (currently) have little interest in riding around the world on a motorcycle. Sure, I’m fomenting plans to explore Europe, and I dream always of  wandering the great expanse of North America, but I’ll admit that the thought of possibly breaking down on the Trans-Siberian Highway or having to bribe customs officials in Bali puts me off wanting to ride in areas that would force me too far from my Western sensibilities. I’m not entirely sure why I am this way (Am I afraid? Am I too comfortable?), but perhaps it speaks to the reason that other Americans aren’t doing such a thing either.
What do you think? Why aren’t there more American accents in far-flung places?


(The picture above, by the way, is of American Sash Johnson riding near the Mexican border. I wouldn’t put it past her to take up world travelling soon)