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Indian Upgrades On-Board Technowhizzbangery

Excellent Ride Command system becomes a little more excellent

Indian Motorcycle is adding new features to its Ride Command system to allow you to plan ride routes online and transfer them via Bluetooth to your bike using a mobile app. 

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That same connection will also allow you to view vehicle data, including fuel level, oil life, tire pressure and battery charge. So, the next time you’re in the pub arguing with a mate who comes in saying your rear tire looks low, and you know it’s not, you can whip out your smartphone, click on Ride Command and prove that the rear tire is indeed at 40 psi as the manufacturer recommends. Bam!  You win!  Free pint!

Actually, knowing your battery’s not dead may be useful when off the bike.

The above scenario has probably never actually happened. But, you know, if it did you’d be ready.

Indian, which likes to frequently remind us that it is “America’s first motorcycle company,” says the app and upgrade meet a need its riders were requesting — to be able to plan ride routes on a desktop, then wirelessly transfer the point-by-point directions to the bike’s navigation system. Riders can also track rides, and view service recommendations and log maintenance within the mobile app. You can also share completed or planned rides with friends on Facebook. 

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Indian owners can update their Ride Command at a local dealership or by downloading the software to a USB drive at The website also serves as the platform for riders to plan ride routes with up to 100 waypoints. The Ride Command mobile app can be downloaded for free in the Apple Store and Google Play. Riders can further update their system by downloading the free 2018 map updates at the Ride Command website or via a local dealer.

I’ve used the RideCommand system before and found it to be pretty good.

Pricing for the 2019 models begin at US $21,999 for the Chieftain, $24,999 for the Chieftain Classic, and $25,999 for the Chieftain Dark Horse and Chieftain Limited. Roadmaster pricing starts at $28,999. 

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A bit pricey, but imagine the peace of mind to wake up at 4 a.m. and be able to reassure yourself that your bike battery is sufficiently charged by just glancing at your phone. Whew!