Moto Guzzi Announces ‘Open House’ Dates

All things Guzzi to be celebrated at brand's historic Lake Como factory

The cynical among us may sometimes feel Piaggio’s investment – or lack thereof – in Moto Guzzi suggests an unwillingness to further the brand, but it seems the beloved Italian marque will be around at least through the summer. Moto Guzzi has announced the dates of its open house event at the Mandello del Lario factory.


Thousands of fans – which Moto Guzzi awkwardly refers to as “The Clan” – are expected to show up when the historic factory opens its doors on the weekend of 7-9 September. Attendees will be able to check out and test ride the whole of Moto Guzzi’s current line-up. Those who are particularly quick to the punch will also get a chance to throw a leg over the V7 III Limited, which is very much like the V7 III Stone but shinier and costing £1,000 more.


Attendees will be able to check out the factory museum and shop, visit the production lines, the engine assembly line, and “the historic Wind Tunnel.” Moto Guzzi chose to make that a proper noun in its press release, as if the Wind Tunnel were something other than, you know, a wind tunnel.

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As with other summer events we’ve highlighted recently – eg, BMW, Harley-Davidson, and Ducati – folks can expect a range of food and entertainment, as well as the opportunity to buy a whole bunch of stuff.

“The rich catalogue of Moto Guzzi accessories will have its own exhibition space at the heart of the party,” states a press release.  “While the Eagle Shop will serve as a gateway to the Moto Guzzi world, even for those who are not (or not yet) motorcyclists, thanks to the wide range of original clothing and merchandising.”


All snarkiness aside, it does sound like a good time. One wonders if we could convince Moto Guzzi to give us a bike for the sake of riding there…

You can find out more about the Moto Guzzi Open House by visiting the official website.