Here’s Another Rally I Wish I Were Attending

BMW Motorrad Days takes place in southern Germany 6-8 July

Speaking of hanging out with grizzled long-haul riders, those unable to attend Aerostich’s Very Boring Rally in August may want to head to southern Germany next month to check out BMW Motorrad Days.

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The 18th convening of BMW riders and fans takes place 6-8 July in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which is a Bavarian resort town on the Germany-Austria border. Expect good food and good beer, then.


Sadly, I’ll be missing out on this one because I’ll be in Prague celebrating Harley-Davidson’s 115th birthday (I know, tough life). I also don’t own a BMW but apparently that doesn’t matter. The three-day event is free and open to all. Attendees can look forward to “numerous new products, thrilling stunts, celebrities, and test ride campaigns.”

Test ride campaigns. I love the slightly awkward English of BMW press releases. It’s especially amusing if you read it with a German accent. Here, try it: “With such a diversified motorcycle-related programme, beer gardens to enjoy during the day and lots of parties with live music in the evening, everyone will find their own favourite way to enjoy hours of fun.”

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Expect to see A LOT of GS bikes, of course. But BMW is a big tent company and it will be doing its best to welcome all at its event – track bros, dirt bros, the aforementioned grizzled long-haulers, and the hip dudes on their R nineTs are all being urged to make an appearance. BMW estimates at least 40,000 riders will make the journey.

BMW’s offered a pretty extensive list of attractions for the event, which you can learn more about by checking out the official BMW Motorrad Days website. Highlights include the Custom Village, replete with the seemingly requisite wall of death, whole- or half-day riding tours of the region, enduro taster courses, an opportunity to see the awkward Concept 9cento in person, a track where kids can learn to ride, mechanical presentations, and the aforementioned beer and music. BMW even promises big screens on which to keep tabs on the World Cup.

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Camping on site can be had for as little as €12, which is damn bargain compared to the German camping sites I’ve stayed at (in fairness, those other sites were pretty nice – one even delivered fresh bread to my tent in the morning). And you’ll also have a chance to win either a new F 850 GS or R nineT Racer.