Ducati Gears Up for World Ducati Week

Three-day 'week' takes place 20-22 July on Italy's Adriatic coast

If you missed out on hanging with Harley-Davidson owners in the Czech Republic or BMW owners in Germany, there are still opportunities for you to attend a branded lovefest this summer, with World Ducati Week set to take place from 20-22 July.

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Yes, the 20th to the 22nd is not a full week. Take it up with Ducati as to why it isn’t called World Ducati Weekend. Nonetheless, it sounds like a good time, with thousands upon thousands set to descend upon Italy’s Adriatic coast to celebrate the 97-year-old brand.

Already Ducati has unveiled a “Monster 1200 25° Anniversario” limited edition model to mark the occasion, but as with previous WDW events, attendees will be given a sneak peak at the models the brand plans to deliver in 2019. Those showing up can also expect a full schedule of events, parties, motorcycle parades, shows, concerts, and races.

Monster 1200 25° Anniversario

Rather than regurgitating a media release I’ll encourage you to head to the official World Ducati Week 2018 website for full details on everything that’s going on, but here are a few highlights that caught my eye:

Flat track racing is now required by law at all motorcycle events, so Ducati will be hosting its own small round of pros demonstrating the abilities of the Scrambler Flat Track Pro. I feel the brand is missing a trick by not having any sort of amateur competition, but, c’est la vie. There will also be a round of track races. The so-called “Race of Champions” will feature several past and present Ducati riders going head to head.

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Folks eager to enjoy their time off the bike can head to the beach, where they can attend a Scrambler-themed party replete with grilled seafood. If it’s half as good as the food usually served at the Scrambler parties held at EICMA each year this is a reason in and of itself to attend.


Scramblers won’t be the only platform getting love, of course. Ducati is setting up areas dedicated to a number of its models: the Multistrada range, the superbike range – where, according to Ducati’s written-by-Italians press release, attendees will have “a unique chance to let mind and body be penetrated by the unmistakable symphony of the most awesome bikes ever” – and, of course, Monster Village.

Folks wanting to do more than just drool over the bikes will have an opportunity to take part in demo rides, as well as the excellent Ducati Multistrada Enduro Experience.

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You can get tickets both through the official website or at your local Ducati dealership.

Lastly, here is a paragraph pulled directly from Ducati’s media release. Discuss:

Passion for millennials
The 2018 edition of the WDW will include special ‘Rookie’ ticket prices , for young people aged 18-25, who can purchase a 1-Day Pass at a special price. WDW2018 also sees a number of new initiatives dedicated to millennials, such as test ride with depowered motorcycles and opportunities to tell and share emotions and experiences.