UK Petition Calls for Bike Awareness Training for Drivers

19-year-old Nick Brisland was killed when driver didn't look before pulling out of driveway

A Southern England mother has launched a petition to encourage the government to include motorcycle awareness in driver training.

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Ria Brisland’s 19-year-old son, Nick, was killed in a collision in Southampton three years ago when a driver backed his car out of a driveway without looking. Nick swerved to avoid the car but unfortunately this put him in the path of oncoming traffic. He was killed instantly in a head-on collision with a taxi.

Ria Brisland says she feels that if motorcycle awareness were a required part of the learning process for drivers her son might still be alive today.

“It was awful,” Brisland said. “The way in which he died could have been so easily avoided. I just don’t want another family to go through what we’ve had to go through.”

Brisland has set up an online petition calling for motorcycle awareness to be a compulsory part of the UK’s driving theory test. Brisland’s idea is one that has been floated by a number of motorcyclists over the years, but as is too often the case it seems it has taken a tragedy to give the idea momentum. At last count, the petition had roughly 100,000 signatures.

Brisland says she plans to present the petition to UK Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling. If you live in the United Kingdom, I strongly encourage you to support this effort.