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A small request

Hey, all y’all with motorcycle-related blogs: Can you please not have white text on a black background? I mean, it’s pretty much every single one of you. Clearly, it’s a look that a lot of people like and one of the general rules of this here blog is that I don’t like to piss on things that other people like — especially when it comes to things that are motorcycle-related. 
But, see, here’s the thing: white text on a black background induces headaches. No, really, look it up. Web designers hate light text on dark background, but more importantly up to 50 percent of the population may suffer adverse effects from staring at that combination too long. That is especially true for me. The two times in my life that I have suffered a migraine headache came after reading white text on a dark background for too long. So, now I generally don’t do it.
This means that for many of you, I don’t really read your blogs as much as I’d prefer unless I can find a workaround. For example, I only read Sash’s blog on my phone, because the mobile version produces traditional black text on light background.
As I say, though, A LOT of motorcycle bloggers like that dark background look, so I’m definitely not criticising anyone for the way they choose to express themselves online. I just wanted to point it out and apologise to those whose blogs I can’t read.