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Did You Know Hertz Rents Motorbikes?

Hertz Ride operates in four European countries

Here’s something I did not know until it was mentioned in a press release that hit my inbox recently: Hertz, the rental car company, also rents motorcycles.

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The press release was related to the fact that Cardo Systems has become the “official communication system” of Hertz Ride.

“The partnership will debut at select Hertz Ride locations throughout Europe and presents two-wheeled renters with an incredible opportunity for a greater connection to their riding group, mobile device, GPS and music,” states the media release.


Something something Packtalk Bold something something Packtalk Slim something something voice command something something. We don’t really regurgitate press releases here at TMO. But you can probably guess the contents: Cardo Systems is great, Hertz Ride is great, this partnership is great, and so on.

Yeah… uh… great. Let’s back up to the thing that struck my interest: Hertz Ride. I had never heard of this. But the operation appears to have been running for at least five years in some 13 locations across France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

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At the moment, the fleet appears to consist entirely of BMW machines: the C Evolution electric scooter, G310 GS, F 700 GS, R nineT, R 1200 GS, and R 1200 RT. The company also apparently runs tours.

I’m intrigued to see this because – as far as I’m aware – no other major rental car company also offers bikes. It presents a good solution for folks from the United States wanting to come over and ride with the commies before Herr Trump institutes some sort of ban on free travel.

Randomly picking three days in September in Milan, I found that rental of an R 1200 RT would set you back €630 (about US $735). Renting a helmet and jacket will cost you even more. I have no idea whether that’s a fair price for motorcycle rental, but it doesn’t strike me as terribly cheap.

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I mean, for the same amount, you could probably just show up, buy an old Suzuki Bandit off eBay and ride it illegally. That’s probably not the cleverest of actions, though. And Cardo Systems hasn’t partnered with the sellers of hack motorcycles, so you wouldn’t have the option to get a headset that allows seamless access to your mobile device, GPS, and music.