Triumph’s Atlanta to Alaska Tour Sounds Like All Kinds of Awesome

Festival-like tour to highlight Triumph's adventure bike range

Triumph has announced a massive adventure-themed tour across the United States and Canada to highlight the abilities of its Tiger 800 and Tiger 1200 models.

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The ATLAK Tour will run from Triumph’s North America headquarters in Atlanta all the way up to the 49th state through the summer.


“The tour is a continental road trip highlighting Triumph’s dynamic new ADV bikes… while celebrating the adventure lifestyle with food, drinks, bikes, and hundreds of fellow enthusiasts,” states a Triumph media release. “With an approachable ‘everyone is welcome’ festival vibe, the ATLAK Tour is open to a wide range of riders and overland enthusiasts. Whether you’re a hardcore adventure rider, ADV-curious, or just love motorcycles, this is an outdoor party you don’t want to miss!”

I like the phrase “ADV-curious.” Somebody put that on a T-shirt.

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With the company having overhauled its adventure line-up for 2018 and recently launched the Triumph Adventure Experience riding school in the United Kingdom (more on that in a future article), it’s clear that Triumph is eager to be seen as a legit player in the overlanding/adventure market.

It’s easy to understand why. The BMW R 1200 GS has consistently been Europe’s best-selling 1000cc+ motorcycle for several years running. Despite the fact very few people actually have the time, money, ability, or desire to trundle around the world on a motorcycle it seems they at least want a bike that could.


Just about every manufacturer has jumped on the ADV bandwagon, but Triumph appears to have decided it wants to take the segment seriously and is investing a lot of effort into building interest in its offerings. This may be just the beginning. Recently TMO reported on rumors of a new truly off-road-capable Scrambler in the works. Perhaps other exciting bikes are being developed, as well.

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Meanwhile, the ATLAK Tour kicks off in Hotlanta this weekend then zig-zags its way north, ultimately arriving in Kenai, Alaska, on 4 August. Each stop on the tour is a little different, with some venues, like Austin, promising a very urban get-together, whereas others are set to include camping and various outdoor activities.

Taking a look at the tour’s official website it appears that planning is still ongoing for many of the locations. I kind of like the idea that Triumph might just be making it up as it goes along – just one big, weird road trip. If I had the money, I’d ship my Tiger Explorer across the sea and spend my summer following the tour, like some motorcycle-focused Deadhead.


Triumph encourages people who are interested in attending one of the events to register on the ATLAK website:

The tour will be hitting the following locations on the following dates:

  • Atlanta – 7 April
  • Austin – 21 April
  • Phoenix – 28 April
  • Salt Lake City – 5 May
  • Los Angeles – 26 May
  • La Crosse, Wisconsin – 2 June
  • Toledo, Ohio – 9 June
  • Harrisonburg, Virginia – 16 June
  • Milton, Pennsylvania – 23 June
  • Williamstown, Massachusetts – 30 June
  • Montreal – 7 July
  • Toronto – 14 July
  • Alberta – 21 July
  • Vancouver, British Columbia – 28 July
  • Kenai, Alaska – 4 August