Hype Building for Triumph Daytona 765

Manufacturer retweets call for production version of its Moto2 prototype

Taking a page from Indian Motorcycle’s book, Triumph appears to be stoking the fire in calls for a new Daytona 765 sportbike.

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TMO was at Triumph headquarters last week for the reveal of the British manufacturer’s Moto2 prototype bike, featuring the 765cc inline triple that will be used in all Moto2 bikes in the 2019 season. Noting that Triumph was apparently missing a trick, I asked officials about the possibility of a new Daytona model but was given vague answers.

Triumph Moto2 bike

Apparently, though, I just wasn’t asking the question the right way. Alastair Fagan of 44Teeth was also there and wrote on Twitter this week that he’d been told Triumph would indeed produce a Daytona 765 “if there was enough interest.”

His tweet was then retweeted by Triumph’s official Twitter account.

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So, it seems Triumph is eager to support grassroots efforts to push it to bring back the Daytona. As such, you have to suspect that such a bike is already in the works. It’s a move reminiscent of Indian’s FTR 1200 play. The company introduced its FTR1200 Custom at EICMA and claimed it was seeking customer input on whether to build a production version. Everybody went wild and within a few months, lo and behold, Indian announced a production version was indeed coming.

Triumph Moto2 bike

Whatever. If this brings forth a Daytona 765, I’m all for it. I have little interest in sportbikes but I definitely love the look of the Moto2 prototype Triumph displayed and I’m a big fan of the sound of a screaming triple. I look forward to the valleys of Brecon Beacons National Park echoing with that sound in the not too distant future.

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Speculation on a Daytona 765 has been around ever since Triumph unveiled its overhauled 765cc Street Triple line back in late 2016. The model had, of course, previously shared a powerplant with the Daytona 675. A few months later, the Daytona 675 was quietly dropped from Triumph’s lineup with no word on a replacement.

Triumph Moto2 bike

With Triumph now providing engines for Moto2, however, it seems unthinkable that it wouldn’t be offering a track weapon of its own. I guess the question now is: how long do we have to wait? Intermot? EICMA? The start of the Moto2 season?

For no reason in particular, I’m putting my money on EICMA as the announcement date. I look forward to finding out if I’m right.