New Bike Claims Range of 580+ Miles

Rieju Strada sports 18-liter tank, which makes for very long stretches between fill-ups

I had a press release show up in my inbox Monday hyping a 125cc bike from a company I’m not terribly familiar with: the Rieju Strada. Normally I’d let an email like that disappear down the memory hole, but then the bike’s fuel economy claims caught my eye.

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The Strada claims an incredible 148 mpg. Combined with its 18-liter tank (quite large for a 125), that works out to something in excess of 580 miles per fill up. Dang. You could ride from London to Inverness on less than £22 of fuel – and still have enough dino juice to explore the town. By comparison, it would cost me something close to £70 to do the same trip aboard my Triumph Tiger Explorer XRx.

It’s not visually thrilling but you’ll definitely save money.

True, I’d get there faster, but still. You could use that extra cash to stay the night in the local Holiday Inn Express. Breakfast is free, yo, so if you play your cards right you can make up most of your money in food (Pro tip: bring aluminum foil with you and make sandwiches for later in the day).

Rieju is a Spanish manufacturer. I had assumed they used Chinese engines like most other 125 sellers in the UK, but that may not be true. Rieju’s website describes the company as “100-percent Spanish,” and proudly draws attention to the more than 20,000 motorcycles a year it produces in factories in Girona and Barcelona.

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Of course, the company being 100-percent Spanish doesn’t mean the same is necessarily true for its products. Wikipedia says their engines come from Minarelli, which means they come from Yamaha, which – in the case of 125cc engines, at least – means they are made in China but have Japanese quality control. If anyone has some solid info, though, I’d be interested to know.


In the meantime, the Strada is targeted at learners and commuters. With a dry weight of 130 kg (probably closer to 145 fully fueled), it’s a little heftier than my wife’s Lexmoto Valiant but still entirely manageable. A combined digital and analogue dashboard is tucked behind a fly screen and includes a gear indicator and fuel gauge. I am sick with envy at the new riders who get gear indicators and fuel gauges on their 125s: my first bike, a Honda CBF600, had neither.

The Strada starts at £2,699 and is covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.