Turns Out Vince McMahon Likes the Most Vince McMahon-esque of Motorcycles

WWE owner used to own Boss Hoss motorcycle, gave one to son-in-law

Some things are so obvious that, once confirmed, you can’t imagine them being any other way…

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Longtime TMO readers – both of you – will know that one of the mantras of this site is that we don’t tinkle on other people’s parades. In other words, we try not to be judgmental of what or how you ride. All bikes are good, man.


But, well, there are exceptions to every rule. In this case, the exception comes in the form of Boss Hoss Motorcycles: ridiculously expensive, heavy, and difficult to handle bikes that are built around 6200cc Chevy V8 engines. Yes, you read that right: 6200cc engines – producing 445 hp. Although the idea of such a thing is certainly amusing, there are a number of things about Boss Hoss bikes that I dislike and I find it difficult to imagine I would feel any differently toward someone who bought one.

Cue this short video from behind the scenes of this year’s Wrestlemania:

In it, one of my favorite wrestlers, Triple H, talks about the comically large moto that he rode for his entrance. For those of you not familiar with professional wrestling, Wrestlemania is inarguably the biggest event of the year and one of its hallmarks is the staging of lavish, over-the-top entrances. Over the years, Hunter Hearst Helmsley has delivered some of the very best. Such as in Wrestlemania 32, which started with his wife, Stephanie McMahon, standing on a podium and growling at the crowd: “Bow down and grovel at his feet. He is the king. The king of kings.”

Stephanie, of course, is the daughter of WWE owner Vince McMahon. This year, she and her husband took on UFC fighter Ronda Rousey and Olympic gold medalist (“Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true.”) Kurt Angle. To get to the ring, Steph and The Game rode down the ramp on enormous trikes, accompanied by several women on Harleys.

Stephanie McMahon is one of the greatest bad guys in the history of wrestling. Come at me, bro.

Turns out the trikes were Boss Hoss machines, at least one of them a gift from the… uh… boss hoss.

“This one’s mine,” says Triple H in the video that was released Wednesday. “Actually, Vince got it for me. He had one. He sold his. He just wasn’t riding it very much, so he got rid of it.”

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The Cerebral Assassin says that Vince’s bike was a two-wheeler, as opposed to a trike, and it had been equipped with an even more ridiculous 502 cubic-inch engine (8226cc). Because of course that’s the motorcycle that would be chosen by a billionaire who counts Donald Trump as his amigo. How could he possibly have ever ridden anything else?


Confirming exactly what you’d suspect about a bike with an engine so large, Triple H says the Boss Hoss has the potential to be pretty uncomfortable.

“It’s hot in the summertime, man,” he says. “In the fall it’s great because there’s a blower on this thing, if it’s really cold, the blower will blow the heat out from the engine towards you.”

Boss Hoss doesn’t list prices on its website, but I’ve seen used models being offered in excess of $100,000.