Polaris Slingshot Adds Roof, Becomes Even Less Like a Motorcycle

New Grand Touring LE model is aimed at those hoping to do more than just cruise around town.

Arguably the Polaris Slingshot doesn’t really fit the stated remit of TMO. Primarily we’re concerned with bikes that can cover long distance or that exude old-school cool.

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The Slingshot is neither of those things. Indeed, it’s a pretty big stretch to even call it a bike. But, hey, it’s my site and I’ll do what I want. Plus, I’ll admit to harboring a certain affection for three-wheelers (Don’t call them trikes!) – especially this one. Firstly because the Slingshot is made by Polaris, a Minnesota-based company, and secondly because my Aunt Elaine loves the Slingshot.

I mean, she is insane for it. Her Facebook profile photo is a badly Photoshopped image of her and her grandson, Jack, in a Slingshot together. For Christmas, she bought Jack a miniature Slingshot to ride around on, and for her birthday last year she gave herself the present of renting a (adult-sized) Slingshot for the day.

Jack, cruising the streets of Houston in his kid-sized Slingshot.

‘The perfect offering whether looking to escape town or turn heads on Main Street’

Anyhoo, Polaris on Thursday announced a new Slingshot model: the Grand Touring LE – an accessory-laden beauty that comes standard with the awkwardly named Slingshade roof.

“Fully loaded and accessorized straight from the factory, this limited edition is the ultimate in comfort, style and technology,” states a press release.

2018 Polaris Slingshot Grand Touring LE

Despite the name, it doesn’t appear you get any additional luggage space for touring (Over at RA, Jesse Kiser wrote an article recently about doing a road trip in a Slingshot and he identified this as one of the challenges he faced), but you do appear to get All The Things as far as the company’s accessories catalog is concerned. Along with the aforementioned roof, there are quilted “Comfort Seats,” the surprisingly useful Ride Command infotainment system (This was on the Indian Roadmaster I spent a week on last year and I loved it), as well as a “limited-edition graphics package.”

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“The Grand Touring LE is… for the driver looking for the latest and greatest in technology, rider comfort, and premium styling,” said Rachael Elia, Slingshot marketing manager. “The Grand Touring LE is the perfect offering whether looking to escape town for the weekend or turn heads while cruising Main Street.”

Minnesota is a bleak place in winter. Spare some sympathy for the rider/driver who had to be out in the cold for the sake of these shots.

Polaris will be unveiling the new model in style this weekend as part of the festivities taking place in Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII. If you happen to live in the Twin Cities, you can regard the new Slingshot in person by visiting Maxim’s Big Game Party (Everyone says “big game” because the Super Bowl organizers will hunt you down and take your first born if you use the term in anything other than a news context without paying), to be held on Nicollet Mall this Saturday.

For those of you getting your undies in a twist over the idea of calling a Slingshot a motorcycle (which is how it’s federally classified), you’ll be happy to know that some 41 US states have adopted special regulations for so-called “autocycles,” which allow folks to operate a Slingshot without a motorcycle endorsement on their driving license.

This image, shot beneath the Stone Arch Bridge, makes me homesick.

Those of you living in Europe: I’m afraid I don’t really know what the rules are, despite the fact I live in Her Majesty’s United Kingdom. I do know that the Slingshot is particularly wide, however, which makes it a challenge to hustle down tiny Welsh roads.

Starting at US $29,999, the Grand Touring LE will be available at Polaris Slingshot dealers in the United States and Canada from early March.

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