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All the Moto Deals Currently Being Offered in the UK

As the nation crawls out of coronavirus lockdown many businesses are desperate for your dinero

Apologies to the large number of you living outside the United Kingdom, but I’ve decided to do something that’s pretty local: listing all the manufacturer incentives I can presently find. Get in touch if you see that I’ve missed something.

Make More of it Happen

Both here and in the United States I’ve seen a number of manufacturers offering some pretty tempting deals, clearly aimed at clawing back some of the losses that have come as a result of coronavirus. If you’ve got money, now may be a very good time to be buying a new bike. Many dealerships will be absolutely desperate for business. So in addition to these advertised bargains, you can probably push for even more in person.

Word to the wise: if you don’t have actual money, I’d be cautious about getting locked into a finance deal. We’re in difficult times and many people’s jobs are probably not as secure as we’d like them to be.


BMW has a number of deals on at the moment, some of which are perhaps less impressive in reality than they first appear. For example, the suggestion that you could own a brand new F 900 R for only £99 a month on PCP sounds nice but conveniently glosses over the fact you’ll be stuck paying 9.9-percent APR. The F 900 R is a fantastic bike, it’s not worth paying a nearly 10-percent premium for.

More attractive is the 0-percent financing being offered on the G 310 R and G 310 GS. You’ll need to come up with a £1,777.75 deposit and limit yourself to 5,000 miles a year but in exchange you get a cheerful single-cylinder machine promising a peak of 34 horsepower. I’ve not had the opportunity to ride any of the G bikes but from everything I’ve heard they are better than you might think when looking at engine capacity. According to BMW’s math, this plan could see you riding the G 310 R for just £49 a month, and the G 310 GS for £59 a month.

BMW F 900 R


Ducati is still offering to throw in free luggage for its underloved* SuperSport platform – an offer it’s had going for quite some time – and if you’re willing to spend £14,500 on a Multistrada 1260 you can get £1,000 worth of accessories, but the more attractive offers are to be found in the Italian brand’s popular Scrambler range.

2018 Ducati Scrambler 1100 – Ride Review

Or perhaps not as popular as it used to be? It’s usually the case that 0-percent financing is rolled out to encourage the purchase of a less popular model, like the aforementioned BMW G 310 R/GS. Yet, here’s Ducati offering it on the Scrambler 800 and Scrambler 62 models, when you buy a bike on hire purchase.

Ducati Scrambler set the motorcycling world on fire six years ago and delivered some of the best sales years Ducati had seen in its history. But little has changed about the platform in recent years, beyond minor tweaks, and you get the sense Ducati may have run out of ideas. Nonetheless, the 67hp L-twin driven machine is famously fun and easy to ride. Come up with a deposit of £2,143 and you could own one in three years with £175 monthly payments.

Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled


Harley-Davidson has a number of deals going at the moment, which, if we’re being honest, aren’t outrageously generous but are clearly a sign the company’s operating in a different environment than it was a few years ago. The MoCo never used to offer incentives or reductions; now you can get both at the same time.

Built for This – 2,200 Miles Across Europe on a Harley-Davidson Street Bob

That comes in the form of a deposit contribution of up to £1,000 and 7.9-percent APR on a three-year PCP deal. No, 7.9 percent isn’t fantastic, but it’s better than what you’ll get from BMW and Triumph on most of their bikes. I am pretty cynical toward PCP financing when it’s for anything above 0 percent but I’ll admit that if my credit rating weren’t so poor this would be very tempting. With a £2,000 deposit, you could spend the next three years riding around on one of my all-time favorite bikes, the Street Bob, for £149.30 a month.

Meanwhile, a different deal from Harley gives you up to £1,000 to spend on parts, accessories or riding gear. Shame you can’t combine the two deals. 

The Harley-Davidson Street Bob is one of my all-time favorite motorcycles


Going against the theory that 0-percent financing is a sign of a model being unpopular, Honda is presently offering up a host of bikes with interest-free deals, including some of its most popular and iconic machines. The CB1000R, CB1000R+, CBR1000RR Fireblade, CBR1000RR Fireblade SP, CRF1000L Africa Twin, CRF1000L Africa Twin Adventure Sports, CB300R, CB125F, MSX125, Monkey and Super Cub C125 are all being offered in various PCP and HP deals.

To sweeten the deal on the CB1000R and CB1000R+, combined with the no-interest financing Honda is offering a convoluted £1,000 deposit contribution combined of £500 from Honda and £500 from participating dealerships. In other words, with a £1,455 deposit on a PCP deal you could spend the next three years enjoying a critically acclaimed inline four promising 144 hp and 104 Nm of torque for £99 a month.

Want something considerably more stupid? The 189hp CBR1000RR is being offered with a £2,000 deposit contribution. Though you’ll need to have an eye on models from 2017-2019 that Honda dealerships are still trying to clear out. The offer is not available on 2020 models.

The CB10000R isn’t the fastest or best-equipped in its class, but it’s still managed to win many people’s hearts


Oh, Lord, look at this. Indian Motorcycle is offering the FTR 1200 on 0-percent financing when you buy it on a four-year hire purchase deal. You know a few seconds ago, when I said that if I didn’t currently have a credit score of 29 I would be signing up to get a Street Bob on PCP financing? I lied. This is what I want. 

2019 Indian FTR 1200 – Review Round-Up

Indian’s lauded 1203cc V-twin naked street machine, promising 120 hp and 120 Nm of torque for nothing more than the amount on the price tag. Yes, yes and yes. Oh sure, I’d probably end up losing my job and going into a wild panic over how to keep paying for the damned thing but I’d have an FTR 1200 in my shed, so nothing else would matter. Does anyone with good credit want to, you know, just get this bike for me and I’ll pay you back?**

Why oh why did I have to destroy my credit rating?


Not to be outdone by other )-percent APR deals, Kawasaki is offering interest-free financing on all 2019 models. Thanks to the fact many dealerships’ doors have been closed since March (many still are as of this writing) it’s a good bet you’ll find just about anything you want still lingering in showrooms: the ever-popular Z1000SX, the desirable Versys 1000, and on and on.

Want a bike with 2020 plates? Kawasaki’s offering several 0-percent deals for those, too; it’s available on the Versys 650, Ninja 650, Z650, Vulcan S, Ninja 400, Z400, J300, Ninja 125, Z125 and J125.

Kawasaki’s KX off-road bikes are also being offered interest-free.


Perhaps less attractive in the face of offers from Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, et al, KTM’s offer of 4.9-percent APR financing might still be appealing to some. You can find it on the 1290 Super Adventure S, 1290 Super Duke GT, 790 Adventure, 790 Duke and 125 Duke. That means that if you’re able to drum up £2,500 for a deposit you can spend three years riding a 790 Adventure for only £59 a month.

A side note on that: KTMs don’t sell incredibly well in the United Kingdom, so you can almost certainly push a desperate dealer for an even better deal. They may not be able to tweak financing for you in this case, but you should definitely be looking to see extras added on. 

KTM 790 Adventure


One bike that I have always admired but for some reason frequently gets forgotten when I’m listing off the modern classics that I love is the Moto Guzzi V7 III. I guess that’s because the bike’s been around so long that you kind of forget it’s still out there. Every V7 owner I’ve ever spoken to has swooned for their little 52hp beauty. If you’ve ever been tempted, Moto Guzzi is hoping you’ll finally take the plunge as a result of its knocking £1,000 off the price. So, you can get a V7 III Stone for £6,999.

2019 Moto Guzzi V85TT – First Ride

Alternatively, if you’ve fallen for the characterful V85TT, the boys and girls of Mandello del Lario are offering an £850 “trade-in bonus” on the retro adventure machine. I have to admit I don’t really know what that means, though. Moto Guzzi’s website isn’t clear. Does it mean that if you brought in, say, a 2017 Triumph Tiger 800 you would get £850 on top of what the Tiger is worth, or that you would get only £850 for it? Definitely something to get clear with your local dealer before committing to the sale, I’d say.


Suzuki has long been the master of the 0-percent finance deal, to the extent that I feel anyone paying so much as a penny in interest on a Suzuki is a damned fool. And in these particular times I’d be inclined to also arch an eyebrow at anyone paying full price. That said, Suzuki does make reliable bikes, which will be the sort of thing we’ll all need when the Second Great Depression fully starts to take hold.

Interest-free financing is available on all the following models: GSX-R1000R, GSX-R1000, GSX-S1000, GSX-S1000F, Katana, GSX-S750, V-Strom 650 and V-Strom 650 XT. That’s been the way of things for a while, so Suzuki is also now offering £500 off on all those models. Finally, you can get the GSX-S1000F you’ve always sorta wanted.

Jokes aside, the GSX-R1000 in white is actually a pretty good looking machine. Shame I’m not that into sportbikes.

The kind-of-a-sport-tourer Suzuki GSX-S1000F


I’m not sure Triumph’s trying very hard here. I guess it costs a lot of money to make bikes in Thailand and lay off 400 employees, so the company’s offerings are even stingier than those from Harley. Still, if you’re desperate to get a bike that’s overpriced and turns to rust with regular use, Triumph is making it a little easier for you to do so with a £750 deposit contribution and “low-rate” financing. According to Triumph, 7.9-percent APR is a low rate.

2019 Triumph Bonneville T120 – Long-Term Review

The offer is available for the Speed Triple RS, Speed Twin, Bonneville Bobber, and Scrambler 1200 – all, I’ll admit, delightfully fun bikes.

In my opinion, though, Triumph’s all-round best bike is the one it seems destined to drop from the line-up soon: the Tiger Sport. The brand is offering a different deal for that model: a £1050 clothing/accessories voucher when you purchase one of the bikes. Used wisely, it means you could get a full loaded Tiger Sport for £10,950. That’s a lot of money, but if you’ve equipped it with panniers, heated grips, cruise control, etc, the Tiger Sport is a lot of bike.

The drawback here is that if you buy the thing on finance you’ll be expected to suffer the standard 9.9-percent APR, which is, to put it politely, bullshit. Such a rate pushes the bike’s actual cost well past reasonable. So, you’ll need to have nearly £11,000 to hand. Thing is, though, if you have that kind of money available it would make much more sense to buy a lightly used Tiger Sport for upward of £2,000 less; the model hasn’t changed since 2016.

Other offers include an £1,100 “accessories pack” with the Speedmaster, free luggage with the Tiger 1200, and £500 toward accessories if you buy a Bonneville T100, Street Twin or Street Scrambler. Also, it appears Triumph is having trouble shifting the remaining Tiger 800 models, so it is offering a “fully loaded” package that includes full luggage and an optimate charger but not heated grips, cruise control, a center stand or most of the other things that would actually be needed to describe that as “fully loaded.”

Triumph Tiger Sport


The Niken has been lauded by moto-journalists (definitely do not get Chris Moss started on how great the bike is; he will argue in its favor for hours) but struggled somewhat to really win the hearts and minds of UK motorcyclists. Largely because they’ve got some sort of weird hang-up about the bike that means they won’t even give it a try. Perhaps hoping to encourage more butts into the three-wheeler’s seat, Yamaha is offering 0-percent financing on the thing.

If you’re still keen to stick to two wheels, Yamaha is offering a relatively low rate of 2.9-percent financing on the following models: MT-10 SP, MT-10 Tourer, MT-10, MT-09 SP, MT-09, Tracer 900, Tracer 900 GT, MT-07, MT-03, MT-125, R125, YS125.

Yamaha Niken

* The SuperSport is a weird motorcycle. It’s one of the least enjoyable bikes I’ve ever ridden and yet some part of me really wants one.
** Lest anyone take me seriously here; don’t do this. My horrible credit history is a sign that I cannot be trusted to pay you back.