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TRH – Elton John Gives Away Motorcycles

Imagine a music legend shows up at your door bearing motorcycles. How would you respond?

I’m an incorrigible daydreamer. Leave me to my own devices and I will lose hours imagining what it would be like to have super powers, or be a contestant on “Strictly Come Dancing,” or be able to play guitar really well, or be the winningest baseball pitcher in history who’s become the successful and popular progressive governor of Texas, and so on and so on.

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One of my consistent daydreams/wishes is that I would somehow own more than one motorcycle – something for which I presently have neither the money, space, or spousal approval. For the multiple-bike dream to become a reality for me it would have to involve some sort of benevolent external party. Winning the lottery or, you know, having Elton John show up at the house.

Elton is a famously generous fella. In the hey-day of Rocket Records, the label he set up in the 1970s, he would fly everyone on staff to Los Angeles for a big party at Christmas and pass out Cartier watches. He would often buy people cars on a whim. And, of course, he has a private plane that he lends out to the British royal family.

Meanwhile, I don’t really know what his internet habits are but it seems to me there’s at least a possibility the music legend would one day find himself perusing the web and stumble upon The Motorcycle Obsession. Maybe he’d be really taken with my writing and decide he wanted to meet me. He’d arrange luxury travel to whichever of his myriad homes that he and his family happen to be occupying at the moment and we’d all have a grand old time.

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And maybe at the end of the visit, when we’re all giving heartfelt hugs goodbye, he’d surprise me and say: “I know you love motorbikes, so I’ve decided to buy you a handful of them. Which ones would you like?”

This week’s Ride Home vlog seeks to answer that question, making sure I won’t waste Elton’s time when/if he ever happens to ask it.