TRH – Indian Fanboy

More rumors of new stuff from Triumph and Harley, as well as thoughts on forthcoming motos from Indian and KTM

I regularly mention the fact I am a fan of the Indian Motorcycle brand, but in this most recent episode of The Ride Home you can see that fandom occur in real time.

At about the 4:55 point in the video you see me roll up behind someone on an Indian Scout, a bike that’s pretty rare in my part of the world (though, hopefully that is changing now that there is an Indian dealership nearby). As soon as I clock which bike it is, you hear me start shouting, then speaking with such excitement that I can’t hold a thought.

On a broader level, of course, this is how I feel about all motorcycles and the act of motorcycling. Effectively, you’re hearing a crystallization of the emotions that are at the heart of The Motorcycle Obsession – why I started the blog, and why I keep doing it, as well as attempting different stuff like The Ride Home. But, yeah, my love for Minnesota’s brand goes a little further.

Meanwhile, this week deals with more than just Indian fanboying. In addition to noting the updates to the Indian Scout line-up I also talk about a new bike that may be coming from Triumph, a new powerplant that appears to be coming from Harley-Davidson, and new tech that’s definitely on the way from KTM.