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TRH – Rumor Season

Thoughts on forthcoming models from BMW, Harley-Davidson, Indian and Triumph

Quite some time ago I had some friends suggest that I start a podcast, based on the fact that I talk incessantly about motorcycles. I didn’t do this, of course – due in no small part to the fact I have neither the time nor the equipment to record a podcast.

But the idea kind of stuck with me and at some point I found myself wondering if I could somehow record a podcast whilst on the bike. My Shoei Neotec II has a built-in Sena system. I thought perhaps I could find an app of some sort that would allow me to record on my phone whilst making my way to or from work.

Recorded on 27 August 2019

Around the same time, the folks at Fortamoto offered to send me an HJC RPHA 70 helmet, and off the back of that I remembered I had an old Sena 10C camera/headset I had bought and abandoned because it won’t really mount properly to the flip-front helmets that I tend to wear*. To be able to see anything other than the sky, the camera needs to be mounted to a standard full-face lid – of which the RPHA 70 is a very good example.

All this, then, goes to explain the reasoning behind my starting a vlog a few months ago. The idea is to have a sort of visual podcast, something I record on my way home from work – usually on a Friday. In application, it may be the worst of both worlds, neither as easily portable/consumable as a podcast, nor as visually interesting as a vlog should be (unless you are crazy about seeing the roads in and around Cardiff).

The whole project is sporadic and very much a work in progress, and I find it more difficult than I had anticipated because I’m not able to look at any notes as I’m riding. I have to hold things in my notoriously unreliable head.

Nonetheless, this week I managed to deliver something that’s at least pointing in the general direction of what I’m hoping to eventually create. This week’s vlog focuses on rumors of new bike models that are likely to be coming out in the next few months. I touched upon the stuff Indian Motorcycle is doing, of course, as well as pontificating on when we’ll start to see the first official information about Harley-Davidson’s Pan America. There’s also discussion on what Triumph has coming our way, as well as BMW’s future plans.

If you like hearing a guy babble aimlessly about bikes that no one knows anything about, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to offer (gentle) suggestions as to how I could improve the thing Should I even be doing it at all?), as well as topics that you think should/could be discussed.

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* Yeah, you’re damn right flip-fronts are nerdy but they are better suited to touring/commuting than helmets that need to be removed at gas stations or when having conversations with people in traffic, at toll booths, etc.