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Triumph Gets In On the Incentive Game

If you live in the United Kingdom there are deals to be had until 31 March

It’s not just Suzuki that’s doing it. With Brexit looming and many motorcyclists holding on to their wallets until they can figure out what the hell is going on, manufacturers in the United Kingdom are cranking up the Incentive Machine to try to keep bikes going out the door.

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Triumph, for example, is offering a number of deals at the moment. Though, I do wonder if they’re enough. I have frequently stated my desire to own one of the bikes it’s incentivizing but haven’t really felt motivated by this offer.

The Tiger 800 is a better adventure bike than the 1200, and is currently available with free luggage

The offer in question is that of free luggage on all of Triumph’s adventure range. Triumph says it will throw in free panniers if you buy a Tiger 800, Tiger 1200, or Tiger Sport. I would not have classed the Tiger Sport as an adventure machine but considering the fact the Tiger 1200’s pretty rubbish off road, too, I guess it doesn’t matter.

I’m a very big fan of the Tiger Sport and have thought a lot about switching it with my current bike, a 2017 Tiger Explorer XRx, but have generally been put off by the fact the Tiger Sport is overpriced (I feel it should cost £1,000 less) and the finance deal that Triumph offers with it – 9.9 percent APR – is ridiculous. If you do some fuzzy math you can tell yourself that free panniers effectively reduce the bike’s price tag by £800 but you’re still stuck with a high-APR deal on a bike that will probably be discontinued by the end of the year.

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In that case, perhaps sir would prefer the “low-rate” (6.9 percent) finance Triumph is offering on its Tiger 1200. That’s in addition to the aforementioned free panniers. Folks with a memory longer than that of a goldfish will recall that this offer is not too different from the one Triumph was touting in the fourth quarter of 2018. As I did then, this deal makes me wonder how well the Tiger 1200 is selling.

Is Triumph struggling to sell its flagship ADV machine?

Did Triumph overestimate the Tiger 1200’s success? Maybe. Maybe not. The Bonnevill range has been, and continues to be, very successful for Triumph, yet the manufacturer is offering incentives on those, too. Though, the incentives are a little less impressive.

Folks considering owning a modern classic are being offered £500 toward “personalization” if they pull the trigger on a Bonneville T120 or Bonneville Bobber. I’ll admit I’m not entirely sure what “personalization” means. Can you buy useful stuff like panniers and luggage racks, or does the £500 have to go toward bronze headlight bezels?

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Meanwhile, those being tempted by the 6.9-percent financing available on the Tiger 1200 but not wanting to ride a bike that weighs only slightly less than a moon may be drawn instead by Triumph’s offer of such financing on its Street Triple range.

All of these deals are valid until 31 March 2019. Based on the current climate, in which a lot of people are at risk of losing their jobs, I’m predicting that similar deals will also be made after that date. Typically, spring/summer is the season of strong motorcycle sales and no deals but I’m anticipating things will be slow this year and that will make manufacturers desperate.

Sadly, the 2019 Triumph Speed Twin is not included in the incentive deals