Honda Offers Free Tracking Devices for Bikes

Big Red's UK wing offers riders the option of installing Datatool's TrakKING Adventure system

Honda Motorcycles UK announced last week that it has begun offering free tracking devices for all new road bikes.

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According to a media release, “new Honda Motorcycle customers will have the option of receiving Datatool’s innovative Thatcham-approved tracking solution – TrakKING Adventure system, supplied and fitted at no extra cost by Honda dealerships.”

However, there is a catch: you’ll have to pay a subscription fee for the device to be any good to you. Additionally, unless things have changed recently, trackers have a reputation for sapping battery power. Honda’s UK side has long fitted its press bikes with trackers (not because journos are thieves but because many are idiots who leave bikes unsecured overnight) and in some cases the tracker has worn the battery to nothing in just a little over a week of inactivity.

2018 Honda Forza 125
2018 Honda Forza 125

Still, you’re unlikely to leave your bike in an unfamiliar place for a full week and it’s generally in those unfamiliar places where it is most likely to disappear. Honda is also offering existing owners a discount on purchase and installation costs.

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The Datatool TrakKING Adventure provides automatic theft monitoring and instant notification, as well as a detailed journey history (uhm, do we want this?) and the ability to provide location and event-based alerts. The software allows riders to record and review routes with friends online and via smartphone apps.

“This ground-breaking safety and security initiative is a long-term Honda commitment to ensuring peace of mind for riders of Honda’s on-road range,” said Neil Fletcher, head of motorcycles at Honda UK. “Fitting a tracking… is a significant deterrent, looked on favorably by insurance companies, and can lead to around 90 percent of bikes being returned to their owner.”

2018 Gold Wing
2018 Gold Wing

Honda says the scheme was fueled by a call from the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) for manufacturers to help in the battle against rising bike and scooter thefts in the UK (ie, London).

“It is great news to see Honda take this important step in fighting motorcycle and scooter theft, which has become a growing problem in recent years,” said Tony Campbell, CEO at the MCIA. “The MCIA Secured program has been introduced to make it clear to customers which anti-theft security is fitted as standard to new motorcycles and scooters and at the same time encourage manufacturers to invest more in security for the customer.”

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Datatool TrakKING Adventure is available on all new Honda scooters and motorcycles sold after Monday, 2 July 2018. Monthly subscription costs come in at roughly £10 per month, with the option to pay for the year upfront.