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Meet a Bunch of Aerostich Nerds in Minnesota This Summer

Fourth Very Boring Rally to be held in mid-August

If your idea of fun is hanging out with a load of grizzled long-haul riders, you’ll want to point your compass* toward the North Star state this August. Aerostich has announced the dates of its fourth Very Boring Rally.

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I’m genuinely saddened that I won’t be there when VBR4 takes place 17-19 August in Duluth, Minnesota. I’m a big fan of Aerostich gear (I’ve mentioned before that the Aerostich ad I run on The Motorcycle Obsession is something I do for free because I support the company) and I’ll bet the folks who attend will have some excellent stories to share, but flights to L’Etoile du Nord aren’t exactly cheap. Next time.

Duluth, Minnesota

Those who do attend the event in Aerostich’s home turf will be treated to “great food, interesting presentations, loudish music, a collectable T-shirt and rally pin, factory tours, and a souvenir booklet,” according to an Aerostich media release.

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There will also be in-store discounts, some free stuff, and a prize draw. The top door prize is a US $3,000 Aerostich gear collection. There will also be awards for “the sorriest bike ridden to the party,” as well as “the most worn-out Aerostich suit.”

The cost of the weekend event is $35 per person. You’ll have to pay extra for food and lodging. The official Very Boring Rally website has put together a list of nearby hotel options, but my advice is to bring a tent and stay at nearby Jay Cooke State Park. I can tell you from experience that the shower facilities in the campground are top notch.

Meet a whole bunch of people dressed like this.

If you’re extra hardcore, find yourself a spot on the Superior Hiking Trail. Legally you can camp anywhere on the trail and there are a number of free designated camping spots along the route, which runs from just south of Jay Cooke all the way to the Canadian border.

“Join the usual assortment of cycle bums, malcontents, hipsters (?), curmudgeons and road-grimed astronauts for good times – both planned and impromptu,” states Aerostich’s media release.

VBR4 marks Aerostich’s 35th anniversary. To find out more and to register for the event, visit the official Very Boring Rally 4 website. If you’re still stuck in the previous century (How are you reading this?), you can also call: 800-222-1994.

*Yes, I know that’s not how compasses work.