This Harley Deal Sweetener is Actually Pretty Awesome

US-only offer ensures trade-in value won't drop from purchase price in first year

I don’t mean to sound like a Harley shill here, but this is actually a pretty good reason to buy a new Harley-Davidson Sportster or Street model: Harley is guaranteeing that the bike’s trade value will remain the same as the purchase price for a full year.


Actually, it doesn’t even have to be a new bike. Harley says it will honor its so-called Freedom Promise on stock Sportsters and Street models stretching all the way back to model year 2012. So, if you’re one of those people who is interested in, say, an Iron 1200 but have made the mistake of listening to the old dudes and now wonder if you’ll outgrow it in a year, here’s your solution.

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Harley shared some pictures of actual owners. This woman’s name is Tiffany and she needs better riding gear. She appears to be wearing leggings and a The North Face rain jacket.


Buy the Sportster, ride it for a year, and if you want or “need” more V-twin oomph, you can roll into your (participating) Harley dealership and trade up without being out of pocket.

Obviously, the goal here is to hook you and keep your motorcycling soul forever. Harley traditionally does pretty well when it comes to customer retention, so it’s looking to give people even easier access to the gateway drugs of the Sportster and Street models. For its part, though, Harley says it’s come up with this deal (which – frustratingly – only appears to be available at US dealerships) as “part of its mission to grow the lifestyle of motorcycle riding and create 2 million new riders by 2027.”

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There are a fair few terms and conditions to be read through carefully, of course, but one thing that strikes me from taking a quick glance at the Ts and Cs is the absence of a mileage limit. That’s surprising. If this sort of offer existed in the United Kingdom, I guarantee you’d be limited to riding only a certain number of miles. You’d probably also have to promise to only wash the bike with unicorn tears.

This is Savana. Having sat on an Iron 883, all I can think when looking at this photo is: “Crikey, what a tiny woman!”

Because some dealerships are run by jerks, not every H-D dealer in the United States is taking part. Harley has put together a list of all those who are participating. There are hundreds of dealerships on that seven-page list; I’d say that if your local dealership isn’t on there you should make sure you never visit that dealership again.

To get the full details on the Freedom Promise, visit the Harley-Davidson US website.