Speaking of Roadshows, Here are the Dates for Suzuki’s

Find out if you agree that Suzuki bikes are boring by test riding one yourself

OK, true, I’ve earned myself a little bit of a reputation for being critical of Suzuki, but I thought I’d draw attention to the manufacturer’s UK roadshow dates because: 1) Suzuki actually makes really good bikes; 2) you might find you disagree with my belief they are boring and think Suzukis are the bee’s motherhugging knees; 3) any time spent riding motorcycles is time well spent.


I’m a big fan of attending roadshows because they offer you an opportunity to ride a whole bunch of different bikes without any sort of obligation or sales pressure. It’s true that most dealerships in Britain will offer test rides upon request, but you’re unlikely to be able to come in one day and ride several different bikes from a manufacturer’s line-up, and you won’t be able to escape without having to at least pretend you’re interested in buying the bike.

2018 Suzuki SV650X

Suzuki is adding extra incentive to attend its test ride events: anyone that takes a test ride who goes on to purchase before September 30 will receive £250 worth of free accessories. That’s better than the T-shirt and neck tube I got when attending a Yamaha roadshow a few years ago, but possibly not as good as the very heavy pewter (and therefore useless on a bike) Victory keychain I was once given – simply because the keychain is now a piece of history.

The locations are frustratingly limited, and pretty far away if you live in the north of England, east of England, Scotland, or Northern Ireland. North Wales, though – Suzuki’s got you covered.

7-8 July: Ryka’s Cafe (Boxhill, Surrey)
21-22 July: Lynn’s Raven Cafe (Whitchurch, Wrexham)
4-5 August: LlanBikeFest (Llangollen)

The bikes available to test ride include the SV650, SV650X, GSX-S750, GSX-S1000, and GSX-S1000F. Three-time British Superbike champion John Reynolds will also be in attendance on all the days, joining in with the ride outs.