The Journey

Bullet points

Near St. Bride’s Major, Wales –– 15 June 2013

Here’s a collection of various thoughts I’ve had since getting a motorcycle:

  • Great googly-moogly, lane splitting is awesome. Nothing better confirms the awesomeness of owning a motorcycle like filtering through a mile-long traffic backup.
  • So, this is my life now? I am destined to always have chain grease on my hands and under my fingernails.
    • I suppose I could get some latex gloves for when I’m working on my bike. Thank goodness for the internet that I can have those sent discreetly to my house rather than having to go into a shop and explain why I need loads and loads of latex.
  • Everyone stares at you when you’re on a motorcycle. Everyone. Sometimes the looks are of disdain/annoyance, sometimes the looks are of envy, sometimes the looks are of approval. But everyone looks. This must be what it’s like to be a sexy lady.
  • Is it just my bad luck, or are BMW riders jerks? What’s wrong with saying hello fellas? Harley riders get a bad rap, but all the dudes I’ve encountered have returned a nod, and if they were to roll up next to me at a motorcycle shop I suspect they would respond to my saying hello. The same cannot be said for the BMW riders I’ve come across.
  • Why does so much of the gear for motorcyclists have to look so stupid?
  • Riding a motorcycle really makes you thirsty.
    • I have yet to come up with a particularly good means of carrying water.
    • I want Kriega bags.
  • I wish there were a way to transport my cowboy hat (that does not involve a top box).
  • I am still nervous as hell going into bends; I have watched way too many motorcycle crash videos.
  • There is something therapeutic about washing a motorcycle. My favourite part is covering the exhausts and lower frame with GT85.
  • That whole riding with two fingers covering the brake thing? I cannot figure that out. When I try to do it, I feel terribly unsafe.